Caravana Branding Studio

Create identity, find belonging, feel brand new

From original concept to final launch, Caravana brings your brand to life, getting down to its essence in order to rise above the competition. Our services include:

  • Branding
    • Research
    • Naming
    • Brand strategy
    • Visual identity (logo design)
    • Brand story  
  • Graphic Design
    • Print
    • Packaging
    • Illustration 
  • Creative Content
    • Art direction
    • Copywriting
    • Presentations
    • Video
    • Photography  
  • Digital
    • Website creation
    • Digital strategy
    • Social media strategy

Branding is a journey, let’s roll

Branding is a journey. We consider our collaborative method as a sort of guide book to help us along the way. Although every path is different, these meeting points help us move forward, encouraging and orchestrating creative and analytical thinking at all the right places along the way.

Our process is based on the UK Design Council’s 4Ds