Since the late 1970s, DTW Architects + Planners have practiced sustainable, user-centric architecture in North Carolina. Caravana partnered with them to create a new visual identity, web site and collateral. We brought their original logo from 1978 into the present day with a scalable, geometric solution, reflecting the simplicity and efficiency of their architectural approach throughout their 35+ years of history. 


From 1978 to 2016, architecture that’s efficient, user-centric and sustainable.



We created these business cards for DTW, employing the new brand icon in its largest and smallest scale.

Geometric icons were created to represent DTW’s areas of expertise, a key communications challenge in conveying their focus as a firm.

Building a brand new digital home.

The web site exhibits DTW’s work with large photographs in a clean and unified design.



The new visual identity applied to different collateral, taking advantage of the dynamic logo.