Diógenes is a ceramics collection made by three gifted women in Santiago, Chile. Caravana helped turn their artistic venture into a functioning business proposition and brand. Our goal was to distill the ceramic’s big personality into a simple, subtle brand identity, capable of representing a wide range of pieces.


Branding for a ceramics company with enough personality to fill up an entire room

We designed a graphic identity inspired by the Greek origin of the brand name. The brand’s central image is the bust of the ancient philosopher Diogenes, stuck in a pose of obsession.

As if chiseled, a beveled typography completes the logo. The blue and white palette imparts intelligence and depth, and serves as a calming counterpart to the ceramic’s charisma.



Letterpress business cards

Relief printing gives each card a unique, tactile feel.



Branded stickers and stamps allow Diogenes to leave their own imprint on existing, low-cost packaging.

Instruction booklets for caring for plants with Diógenes pots.




“Caravana presented us with a beautiful brand identity that was simple, but with lots of personality, just what we were looking for.”

Laura Estévez, Co-founder Diógenes

Photography by Matías Mondaca
Letterpress printing by Clara Impresiones

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E-commerce web site is in the works!